The Iain Reitze Lifestyle Retreat

for fitness, health and wellness

Iain is the former co-owner of Prestige Boot Camp and designed the well known and popular training programmes. He was rated among the world’s top 5 body and mind trainers by Harpers Bazaar magazine and is probably one of the most experienced, motivational and highly respected individuals in the field of health and wellness retreats.

Iain not only brings a depth of knowledge and experience of working in this industry for 13 years, but also brings 27 years of being a Physical Trainer and Injury Rehabilitator in The British Armed Forces.

At Iain Reitze Lifestyle retreats, we pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and experience to be able to help you towards your personal health and fitness goals, as well as providing you with the nutritional requirements and education to facilitate this during your stay and beyond.

Our retreats


Somerset, UK



Challenge by Choice

Do something amazing for your body and mind

We fully understand that not everybody will be on top of their game every day, we will encourage individuals to be the best they can at that moment in time.

Are you looking for a fitness bootcamp?
To lose weight and feel healthier?
Or just a week away to detox and relax?

We’ve got you covered!

At Iain Reitze Lifestyle Retreats you can expect to have a week that is tailored to whatever your individual goals are. There is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do.

It’s your week, your body, your choice.

We don’t believe in a one programme suits all approach.

‘Challenge by choice’ and ‘self application’ are phrases you will hear on a daily basis and very much our mantras.

It is your week to tailor it how you want to.

All abilities welcome

improving health, fitness and facilitating fat loss

Our fitness retreats are here for anybody and everybody, nobody should feel afraid or embarrassed to come to us, in fact you should feel very proud.

It’s a brave thing to go and put yourself in somebody else’s control for a period of time but believe us it will be the best thing you do for your body and mind.

Iain Reitze our Co Owner has almost 40 years experience of delivering and designing physical and mental programmes to suit every ability level that will nurture confidence and self belief as well as improving health, fitness and facilitating fat loss.

Still unsure if our retreats are for you? Please read our frequently asked questions. If you still have a question for us, please do get in touch! We’re very friendly and always happy to help.