What can you expect?

You can expect every member of the team to give you all of their time, experience, knowledge and passion to help you move closer to YOUR goal. This is your week and whatever your goal is we will all try our best to facilitate that.

Whether that goal be relaxation, weight loss, increased fitness, strength, power or speed we will work together with you to ensure you have a safe, fun and productive week.

At Iain Reitze Lifestyle Retreats you can expect to have a week that is tailored to whatever your individual goals are.

We don’t believe in a one programme suits all approach. ‘Challenge by choice’ and ‘self application’ are phrases you will hear on a daily basis and very much our mantras.

It is your week to tailor it how you want to.

Knowledge and Experience

Iain Reitze is the founder of IR Lifestyle Retreats and former co-owner of Prestige Boot Camp. He designed the well known and popular training programmes and is probably one of the most experienced, motivational and highly respected individuals in the field of health and wellness retreats.

Iain was rated among the world’s top 5 body and mind trainers by Harpers Bazaar magazine.

Iain not only brings a depth of knowledge and experience of working in this industry for 13 years, but also brings 27 years of being a Physical Trainer and Injury Rehabilitator in The British Armed Forces.

At Iain Reitze Lifestyle retreats, we pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and experience to be able to help you towards your personal health and fitness goals, as well as providing you with the nutritional requirements and education to facilitate this during your stay and beyond. We believe there are 4 components to optimising health, happiness and confidence:


At Iain Lifestyle Retreats we believe everything starts with the mindset. We don’t want you to come here and just be pulled through the week, we want you to understand that this is your opportunity to make a difference to your health, fitness and self belief in your strive towards your goals.

80% of what you will achieve will be down to your own desire. We will be there to support you, motivate you, educate you and provide the extra 20% when you feel you need that extra help. We are in this together.


Your body is the most valuable thing you will ever own, it’s the place in which you will live all of your life. It deserves to be respected and looked after to provide you with the best environment to grow with health and happiness.

Although we understand the majority want to lose weight we want to change the mindset shift to wanting to be healthier from the inside. If you can change your thought process and habits to facilitate internal health then the bi-product will be external fat loss, body shape change, increased energy, increased happiness and increased confidence. Let’s work from inside to outside.

We will show you that your body and your environment are you very own natural gymnasium.


It is still surprising in this day and age of improved technology and information that the majority of the human race still doesn’t fully understand the true benefit of nutrition.

Our aim is to provide your body with the best freshly cooked food to facilitate your individual goal. Whether your goal is weight loss or maintaining weight with increased fitness levels we will play our part in achieving this for you.

Your body is a very complex piece of machinery and requires the right kinds and right amounts of fuel to allow it to work optimally.

If you are missing any nutritional components you can open yourself up to be more vulnerable to lifestyle conditions from just feeling tired, having dry or bad skin, getting colds regularly, being less efficient at fighting inflammation that could lead to life threatening conditions such as heart disease, certain cancers, type II diabetes etc etc.

We want to enable you to understand the true benefits of nutrition and to experience that healthy food can be exciting and tasty.

A lifestyle awaits you.


Rest is often overlooked or taken for granted and believe it or not it can be just as hard to rest as it can be to workout. Sounds crazy eh?

Some people just find it hard to ‘switch off’. They can burden themselves with a feeling of guilt for not moving or for not doing ‘something’ so they just have to get up and find something to do.

We should all at times make ourselves take some time out and let our body and mind just relax.

Our bodies need periods of rest in order to rejuvenate, aid muscle growth and repair and simply to give us more energy to allow us to perform optimally.

Just come to us, work towards your goal, fuel your body then relax and let the stresses and anxieties of everyday life release from your body and mind.

If we could all control these components with the right balance then we would certainly give ourselves the best chance to live a more balanced healthier lifestyle.